• Patriot Mattress (Twin)
    (Mattresses - Twin)

    The Patriot mattress features the Bemco’s wrap-around Fibertron™ polyester insulator pad that provide a solid and super-firm insulator base. Fibertron™ is produced exclusively from man-made fibers baked in an oven to over 300° F, which removes germs, allergens and other contaminants. Fibertron™ is odor-free, mildew resistant, and hypoallergenic. Dual layers of Bemco’s high-density, body -cushioning foam for outstanding comfort. Luxurious ultra-soft circular knit ticking tack-and-jump quilted to Bemco’s Fire-Tec™ barrier fabric and double layers of premium quilt foam for an added feel of luxury. Matching mattress tape and a Fire-Tec™ multi-needle quilted border.



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